It’s Time to get Frank.

Digital dependance is taking over! The internet and social media platforms are ever increasingly dominating and consuming individuals lives. Not only is it an online place for sharing what you had for dinner and snaps of yourself, but social media can be an incredibly beneficial tool for enterprises to aid in marketing and public relation […]

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Social Business Strategies

Social media can be a highly valuable tool for many enterprises, but too often a business dives headfirst without stopping to properly consider alignment with their objectives. It is very well to have initiated and implemented a social media strategy regarding intended channels, platforms, and tactics, however an all incorporating social business strategy is vital […]

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Bonafide Blogging.

Up until this point in my educational journey I was not even remotely aware that blogging was a substantial form of communication and social media. I was blissfully unaware of this extensive power blogging holds. Blogging was one of the very early forms of social media and has apparently (unbeknownst to me) taken the world […]

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The Doom and Gloom of it.

Social media isn’t all advantageous for businesses, it can pose serious risks and consequences if not handled properly. Many companies join social media purely for the fact that everyone else has jumped on board so they believe it has to be the right strategic choice for their business. However, social media is not the suitable medium for everyone […]

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Solely for marketing or so much more? Social media for business.

Within the context of the universe and having considered all things, social media is a relatively new fashionfad. With respect to Boyd & Ellison’s article, the first recognisable social media site launched in 1997, allowing users to create a personal profile and connect with friends and acquaintances. Since then the realm of social media has been […]

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